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        hat happens when you can’t seem to communicate your authentic self to the world in your pictures? Just the thought of getting your picture taken is enough to cue anxiety and stress.

We put your mind at ease. You can be confident you'll feel like yourself while unleashing the rockstar inside you.


Say goodbye to picture-misery

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Finally like the way you look in your:

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15-minute pictures

Show your personality and what's important to you

Thursday, July 30th, 2020

Fresh backgrounds so you always have an updated headshot

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3 high-resolution, fresh pictures

Pics delivered within 1 week

15-minute headshot session

Guidance on what to wear

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A convenient, fun experience

What's included:

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Wave goodbye to stuffy headshots and confidently create connections with photos you love.

Enjoy feeling and looking like your best self

No awkward photoshoots. Just specific coaching and pictures that you will love!

Show up on Headshot Day

Rest easy knowing you'll get guidance for what to wear, how to pose, and much more! 

Pick your 15-minute spot

Get a headshot without all the hassle.

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Donovan H.

Geneva M.

Caitlin J.

"I’ve never felt better about a picture of myself. The headshots by Madi are 100% the best pictures of myself that I have. I couldn’t be happier!"

"Madi was awesome, so sweet and made me feel so comfortable. We love what moments Madi captured of us. Our families and friends also love them."

"I felt awesome leaving my headshot shoot with Madi. Like a total rockstar. Madi made me feel like myself...not every photographer can do that."

Be in control of your image

Express yourself accurately

Confidently show up online

Hook your followers

You don't have to guess when it comes to communicating your personality.

Imagine what it'll be like to feel completely confident about yourself in your picture.

Don't leave your reputation to chance.

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Are you settling for mediocre pictures of yourself?

Get Access to These Powerful Tips!

Follow these tips and express the most powerful parts of yourself.

Feel like yourself and get a  headshot you will love.

We'll help you take control of how people see you.

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